Monday, November 28, 2011


This year was my year for Thanksgiving dinner. We had beautiful weather so we decided to do some family pictures, something Mike just hates. Believe it or not, he said he had a ball doing the pictures. Our nephew, Scott, just took some informal pics and I think he did a very good job considering all the babies we have in the group. I am very thankful for everyone of my kids and their families (including the dogs). They make me so happy everyday and I have been very blessed!


  1. What a gorgeous family. You truly are blessed indeed. I can't believe that you were able to get a picture with all of the grand daughters without one of them running off! How cute is that!!! I often think about how wonderful it is to have all these little ones in our lives healthy and happy with parents that love them and take such good care of them. So far, I think we have done pretty okay...That's humble talk for "FANTASTIC" hehe.

  2. Those pictures are darling! Your family has sure grown a lot in the last few years! I love the picture with you, Mike and the grandkids. They are so lucky to have such sweet grandparents :)