Wednesday, November 10, 2010

And Time Goes By...

Just yesterday, Jared and Susan reminded Mike and I that it was a year ago that they had brought the twins home from the hospital. What little miracles these two little girls are. Might I say that they are just the cutest little girls too. Their little personalities are coming out so cute and I just love them to pieces. We now have 5 little Granddaughters with one more baby on the way. We don't know if it is a boy or a girl, but we are excited all the same. Chase and DeAnna are expecting...due in June. Congratulations to you all! I have just added a few pictures of the last few weeks to keep everyone up with all that goes on in the Christensen Family. Jakes favorite picture is him combining Grandpas corn field.


We are adding another new member to our family. Tara and Derek are getting married in December (the 18th to be exact). We are very excited and happy to have Derek in our family. He is such an awesome person and just what Tara needs. Derek is from Delta also; he and Tara were the same age in school. They didn't date in High School but they were always good friends. Derek came home from his mission in Brazil and attended UVU, Tara was already up there going to school and working. The rest is history!