Tuesday, April 27, 2010


We have someone very special in our family...she has had a year like no other. Truly, when I tell you all about her year, you will feel the same.
Today, Susan got her official Masters of Education Degree. It was only a year ago that she started her Masters Program. It was only a year ago that she also was going through IVF. She started off doing pretty good until late July, when she started to have complications with her pregnancy...little Haley wanted to jump the gate at 23 weeks. Susan was then put on bed rest in the hospital for 7 weeks. Then when the babies were 30 weeks, they decided (the twins) that it was time for their appearance in the world (09-09-09). They were born C-Section at only 2+ pounds each. Susan kept a constant visitation schedule at the hospital until the twins were 2 months old. On November 9th, the girls got to come home. Oh, and by the way did I mention it was a new home. Susan had to move in and decorate before the girls arrived home.
Then sometime in January, Susan was surprised with more news...she is pregnant. As most young mothers know...sleep is something you only dream about when you have a new baby let alone twin babies. I honestly don't know any one who can handle all that in a year but Susan has and she has never complained or suggested dropping her schooling. She has done everything a young lady could possibly do and then some. I have heard many who have gone back to school to get their Masters... they were so deep in writing papers and studying for that time in their lives they had little time for anything else. We are so proud of all that Susan has accomplished and want her to know how excited we are for her. Congratulations, Susan...We Love You!!!

Monday, April 12, 2010


Today we traveled to Cedar City for Chloe's blessing. We love any excuse to get together and see each other. Chase and DeAnna have a nice home and offered a wonderful dinner to all. We were happy to see Grandma Barbara and Dale. They have been gone for 5 months with the exception of 4 days at Christmas time. Chloe is so blessed to have so many Grandparents. She has Great Grandparents on both sides. They all seem to be healthy too.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Easter 2010

I know, I am posting a little late; but the weather has finally turned nice and I am loving being outside and working in my yard. I sort of hate the first lawn mowing of the year...with all the dog poop and whatever, but it sure refreshes the soul to see that first touch of green. We had Easter in Mesquite this year, but the weather wasn't always too cooperative. The guys went golfing all day Saturday...the girls just lounged around the pool and waited for the guys to come to the 12th hole. When they finally got there, they were expecting us to make them a sandwich and pass over the cold drinks...WHAT DO THEY THINK WE ARE....Tara didn't like their thinking at all, she just told them to go buy something from the little gal that comes along selling food...we are busy tanning!!! Sunday, we had a great Easter Egg Hunt...for the adults...Before I could tell them the rules, they were scattered all over the place. When the dust settled, they had two eggs that weren't found...sad thing was that the Easter Bunny couldn't remember where she hid the eggs...IT HAD ONLY BEEN AN HOUR! The kids think it is time for the CC (Care Center).