Sunday, May 1, 2011

The RV8 is DONE!!!

I just had to post this latest additions to our family...For nearly 9 years, Mike has been working on building his own experimental airplane...Called a RV-8. Mike and I went to Oregon and bought the initial kit and started from there. Thousands of rivits, thousands of nuts and bolts, and lots of frustration and work, we have finally finished. Mike started flying the plane in 2007 and we loved it but it was just the silver metal color and looked pretty plain. In April of this year, we flew the RV down to Kingman, Arizona and had it painted. Mike chose the color scheme and I think that it turned out so nice. (Pretty good for a color- blind pilot) Jake flew us down to pick it up last week so I had to take some pictures of him flying next to us on our way home. I am not really a lover of flying, but I am so proud of Mike and just knowing that he built his own airplane is really quite something. He had lots of help from the kids and a good friend, George LaDamas. We have all been there to cheer him on and excited to see his finished project. Way to Go, Mike!!!


Is it ever going to get warm this year??? We did our Easter in Delta this year simply because we wanted to spend it with the kids. They were all wanting to come home to Delta and spend time with their other families. We were happy to accommodate them. The weather was quite chilly but we made the most of it anyway. On Saturday morning we did our Easter Egg Hunt and the kids really got into it. They were all required to have one of the Granddaughters with each couple...Jared and Susan were happy to lend one of their girls to Todd and Staci and to Tara and Derek. Jake got left out but he wasn't really into Egg Hunting anyway. We also went to the Sandhills this year and I couldn't believe how much the little girls loved rolling eggs down the hills and just sliding down themselves. We had so much fun just watching the kids...maybe we will have to restart the Christensen tradition and go the the Sandhills every year!