Thursday, July 12, 2012

Fourth of July 2012

This blog is going to be full of fun pictures.  We had such a great Fourth this year.  All the kids love to come home for Delta's Fourth of July Activities.  The parade isn't much different each year, but there is something about catching candy that the little girls just love.  It is so good to see old friends and even classmates come home for the big day starting with my age on down to my kids' age.  Delta really draws a big crowd.  The little girls are getting so fun now, they want to do everything.  Mike got the girls a water slide and was so excited to get the girls in it.  We were not disappointed...they loved it!
My cousin, Joey, did the same for her grandkids...she just had her boys pick out hers and of course, they have a bigger vision!  I loved it. (You know what they say about great minds...)  We capped the day off with, of course, the fireworks...we couldn't do our own so we went into Delta and watched the big ones.  We have been overtaken in Utah with fires so each town did the best they could to display the fireworks safely.   You know it is a great country we live in...everyone has their own interpretation  of great...but I wouldn't want to live anywhere else.  Happy Birthday, America!