Saturday, January 1, 2011

WeLcOmE 2011

It is hard to believe that another New Year is upon us. Our family has changed and we have grown in many aspects. I was counting the other day and I have 7 of my kids in college this year. I have 5 beautiful granddaughters and 3 very busy moms. My baby is all married and out on her own (and might I add that she is loving it). Tara and Derek are finally settled in their own place and busy with school. This is Tara's last year of school.. Hooray!!! Derek has a little more schooling to go, but Tara will be able to help put him through. Meghann has 2- 1/2 more years of school but she is loving it. She does very well, her goal is to pass her tests on every other Friday so that she doesn't have to go to school every other Monday. She scores an average of 99%. Jake is busy working on the farm. He is enjoying putting his skills into markets and futures. Jared is busy teaching school in St. George and helping Susan keep up with their 3 little girls. Chase is heading into another Tax Season but liking his job. DeAnna is heading back to school herself. She is going to Evans Cosmetology School in Cedar City. AJ is still going to school to get his Masters and working for Lehi City and being Mr. Mom for Sienna while Meghann is at school. Todd and Staci are working and going to school...Staci will be applying for Nursing School in March. We will also be adding another new Grandchild in June. I don't know what 2011 has in store for us, but we are anxious to find out.