Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Yep, this one is for me...of course you can read it too. I just don't want to ever forget this .
Three years ago my Dad decided that he was getting to old and tired to keep up the demanding work of farming. It has been hard for him to let others take care of his farms, but he has endured. Little by little my sisters and I have seen just how hard it has been for him to let go of farming. My Dad is such a proud man and he has been a good just runs in his's just what he knows and knows well. This year, Mike and I decided that we needed to take over Dad's farm and get it back to the kind of farm that Dad has always had. It has been interesting because Mike farms a little different than dad. Mike has no patience for canvas dams and several outlets on every dike, so we tore up Dad's ditches and put in the trusty "red gates". We put pig slats on every gate so we had a way to get across the ditch without walking clear around the ditch. Really and truly, we did it to make it convenient and easier on Dad. I am sure Dad was thinking "What in the Hell are these guys doing to my Farm". But it was funny too, because for some reason my Dad started to pick up his feet and walk a little lighter and much faster. I am sure I see more sparkle in his eyes too.
This week, we started irrigating...something both Mike and I were worried about. We wanted the fields to water straight and the ditch to hold. The first day we sent the water down the field, we tried to figure just how long it would take to water. We spent hours waiting and waiting. Jake, Mike and I were sitting at the end of the dike, trying to guess if it would finish if we turned it, when we saw dad coming up the road behind us in his truck. He pulls up to the side of us and says, "I already changed the water". No sense waiting at the end of the dike! Lo and behold, the water finished to perfection and Dad was hired. We didn't do this to give Dad work, but I think he is really enjoying being back in to action. He and his little truck can be seen going round and round that farm all day long (starting at 7:30 am). I think he is loving it!!! I can't wait for him to see his farm all green and producing again. My dad is the greatest man and I am proud to be his daughter. I Love you Dad!!!