Saturday, December 12, 2009

Our Sienna

Isn't it interesting how children can make a great photo opp. with anything they do. Sienna really loves our big dog Gus, but only thru the windows. She is happy to give Gus a kiss as long as there is glass between them.

Last Easter, the Easter Bunny gave Sienna this it is her best friend. She doesn't go anywhere with out it. When she gets tired she will take one ear and rub it along her face...kind of like a satin blanket most kids have called a silky. I think that Mr. Bunny loves Sienna just as much as she loves him.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

NFR Weekend...

This was the our big Las Vegas NFR Weekend.
The rodeo was great and we always have great
seats. We are so thankful to have good friends
that consider us their 80th-something friend.
Thank you Keith Williams and Family for including us with your group.
We did miss Alan and Mindee this year, they were busy with a new little one as was Lisa and Mike. I guess Keith was busy helping out being grandpa...but we did enjoy Jared and Bailey.

I've Had A Request for More Baby Pictures...

Haley and Kelly finally got a chance to venture out from their home in St. George...last weekend
Jared and Susan brought the girls down to Mesquite to visit Grandma and Grandpa Christensen. I feel so blessed to have my arms full of two beautiful, beautiful babies. They are growing steadily and are now a little over 7 lbs.
They love to keep their mom and dad up all night (mostly just their mom). We are so excited for Christmas when they will be able to come home for the Holidays.
Sienna decided today to open the presents under the tree. Tara thought things were getting pretty quiet so she went to see what was going on and found Sienna opening presents. We have all been there with our own kids so it is just kind of fun to watch our kids go through Christmas with their kid.