Sunday, January 17, 2010


Last week, my baby turned 21. She was determined to hit the city of Las Vegas and try her hand at gambling...needless to say she didn't come out a winner...surprise, surprise!! She had fun all the same. Tara, Christy, Katie, and Derek all made the trip and saw the sights. Tara thought that she could be a winner like her mother at Wheel of Fortune but she only got two spins and ended up spending her winnings.

I am so proud of Tara...she is a good girl and has really great friends.
She just needs to know that all those Casinos were built so elaborate on everyones losses!!!

I Love You,

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy Holidays and Joyous New Year!!

As I reflect on the past year, I have to count my blessings for soooo much! In my blog, I have shown many pictures of my darling grandkids, but I need to talk about and show my own kids alittle more. I will do better in the coming year. I will do a little recap for the past year....
First of all: Mike and I enjoyed a great cruise to the Panama Canal and countries in Central America. It was awesome and we enjoyed it with great friends. In February, Todd and Staci got engaged. We were so happy to add Staci to our family. In April, Jared and Susan announced that they were having twins. I can't tell you how happy we were to hear this for Jared and Susan had been trying to have children for quite sometime. On May 15, Todd and Staci were married in St. George. It was a very beautiful day and a indescribable setting. We are so proud of the two of them. In June, we were told we were getting another new baby. Chase and DeAnna are pregnant. They are due in January 2010. Susan and Jared found out that the twins are girls. How much more can a mother be blessed with. In July, Susan threatened to lose the babies and was therefore put down to bed rest for what would be 7 weeks. On September 9th (09-09-09), the baby girls were born. The babies were only 30 weeks and 2 lbs. plus . All is good!!! In October, Sienna turned one! In November, Tara got accepted in to UCDH...Utah College of Dental Hygene. She will start in May 2010. The twins were released from the hospital (11/09). AJ started his masters program in Business Administration in December. Jake is happy just being a farmer and hanging out with all the other farmers in the area.